Frequently asked questions

General FAQs for IOS and Android

Why is there an option to add a recipient just as a phone number?

A user requested this feature. She collected phone numbers via a sign in sheet for her weekly fitness yoga class at a gym to remind people about her class. She didn't want to add them to her phone contacts address book, so this way they can be copy/pasted in as recipients via this feature.​

Any plans to add any more platforms other than iPhone or Android

No, as Microsoft discontinued their mobile phone program.

Is there a paid version of the app with different/more features?

Not at the current time. If the app gets popular enough and enough requests come in as well as revenue from the ads, we would consider it. Plus there are other paid/premium scheduled SMS/texting apps for both Android and iPhone/IOS.​ There is an in-app purchase to remove ads and add the ability to import a .CSV file of recipients, and schedule a text at a random time.

Does the app have a recurrence option or way to repeatedly schedule a SMS/text message?

Yes both the iPhone and Android versions (1.3) have this. A SMS can be scheduled for a repeating/recurrence of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, similar to the iCalendar application.​

iPhone FAQ's

Are there any 'Easter eggs' or undocumented features?

As of January 25, 2013, the iPhone version has a keyword of [first-name] that will insert the actual first name from a contact in the phone's address book. But if a message is scheduled to more than 1 recipient than each recipient's first name will be inserted into the scheduled SMS/text message. According to the developers this is a restriction within IOS.

Is there a "Send Now" feature?

Yes, as of version 1.3 for the iPhone IOS version, released April 4, 2013. It only makes sense for the iPhone version because of the alert notification that comes up prior to sending.

How do I add contacts via a .csv file in the iPhone version?

This is an in-app purchase. You need to connect your iPhone to a computer and use iTunes to add a .csv file which should consist of 3 fields for a first name, last name and mobile phone number. After connecting your iPhone to iTunes select the 'Apps' option and scroll down where you will see the MassGroupTextScheduler icon in the bottom left side under Apps which is under File Sharing. Add a .csv file by dragging it into the window or using the Add button.

Why do some messages go out as MMS?

There could be a few reasons. This thread on Apple discussions has a few theories.

Why is my number grayed out?

it could be related to Facebook's contact sync. Go to: Settings, Messages, Send & Receive. If your email address is highlighted, select it, choose the option to delete it. After deleting my your email address, it should automatically revert to your mobile number. You can also go to Facebook and unlink your contacts. Assuming you have the iPhone app installed go to the settings for the iPhone app under the "Settings" icon on the top screen. You will see on/off toggles for Calendar, Contacts and Facebook. Turn off calendar and contacts and the Facebook entries will disappear from those apps. If you just delete the Facebook app, those annoying entries will remain.

Replies to my group text goes to every recipient. Is there a way to stop that in the app?

Not inside the MassGroupTextSchdeuler app but you can set http Group Messaging to OFF and/or MMS to OFF. When you text a large group, you may not want all of the replies to go to everyone, like in a chat message. You can disable Group Messaging in Settings > Messages. Also note, if all recipients in the group are iPhones (iMessage) you may want to set iMessage to OFF to prevent a chat message.
If you have recipients in one SMS text message that goes to multiple iPhone users, the message will automatically go out as an iMessage. To turn iMessage off, go to Settings, down to Messages, and turn off iMessage.

I can't import members into groups from a .CSV file.

Make sure you create the group first.

Why do I have to press the send button at the scheduled time?

Apple restricts sending of any text messages/SMS without first getting an alert.

Android FAQ's

How do I import the .csv file and how should it be formatted?

Make sure the .csv file has 3 columns, preferably labeled as firstname, lastname, e-mail address. You can select the .csv file via the file manager and browse to the directory you downloaded to on your phone.

Why is there no "Send Now" option like there is in the iPhone version?

You can just set the message to go out for the current minute and the SMS goes out straight away.

Is there any personalization or keyword template option?

As of version 1.1, you can include the personalization 'keyword' template. Simply type [firstname], anywhere in the scheduled message, for example, "Dear [firstname]", which will parse the phone's address book contacts and insert any recipients first name so you can schedule to a group and personalize the text. If any recipient only has a phone number the keyword will be ignored. This version also added a character counter.

What happens if the message is scheduled to go out at a time when I don't have service like in Airplane mode?

From version 1.7 - 2.1 there was a retry option. The app detected for a valid signal to send a text message/SMS or if applicable, if a SIM card is installed, or if Airplane mode was enabled. If no signal is detected the message status changeed to 'Failed' and were sent to a new queue/screen that allows you to retry sending when signal returns. This feature was fixed and restored in version 2.25 released Oct. 27, 2014.

What happened to the option to Copy the message to Android's built-in Messaging?

As of Android 4.4, KitKat, Google changed this behavior. If an app is not selected as the default SMS app (as is the case with MassGroupText Scheduler), the system automatically writes messages sent using a Java method called sendTextMessage. The default SMS app is always responsible for writing its sent messages to the SMS Provider. The full explanation is available here in the Android Developer guide.

Can I schedule a message to go out at a random time?

As of version 2.0, yes randomization is available as part of the in-app purchase. You can select a range of time and the app will choose a random time to send the SMS out in that period. Great for clinical studies!

Why am I limited to 80 or 160 characters per message for multiple recipients?

On Samsung phones like the Galaxy, in Android version 4.3, Samsung introduced a restriction in it's OEM architechture that restricts 3rd party apps like MassGroupTextScheduler from sending long messages to multiple recipients. In Latin based languages the limit is 180 characters. In character based languages like Chinese, as well as Cyrillic based and Hebrew the limit is unfortunately 80 characters, since those use 16-bit character encoding. This has been fixed in version 2.23. Prior to version 2.23, only non-Samsung phones could send long messages to multiple recipients.

Why do long messages go out as separate SMS text messages?

This happens on Samsung phones. Within the Samsung OEM version of Android, they have hard-coded it so once a message goes over 160 characters (or over 80 characters in character based languages like Chinese, Cyrillic or Hebrew), another SMS message is created. There is no known work-around currently. There is a hypothesis that this could be caused by certain carriers/mobile providers and issues with data packet size on the network.

Where can I see the day of the week the message is scheduled?

Version 2.24 added the display of the day of the week which shows after you select the time. There is no way to scroll through the days of the week when choosing the date.

How can I set a number of times I can make a message recur?

In version 3.0 released November 2015, there is a new option labeled "Set repeat count". This will allow you to "end after" a recurring/repeat option. However in version 5 we will have to remove this option to get back into the Google Play store as the app was labeled as potentially a source of spam for this feature.

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