Create Your Own Groups

Create groups to schedule a text by interest, region, zip code, city or even a sports team. A pastor in the Phillipines uses it to send a daily prayer to his parishoners! Here is a changelog of feature updates and fixes for the Android version:

  • Version 1.6 added ability to import recipients from a .csv (Excel) file, available as a $1.99 in-app purchase. It also has a duplicate checker and alerts and ignores any duplicate numbers while importing. Make sure the .csv file has 3 columns, first name, last name and email address.

  • Version 1.8 added new icon indicators in the Scheduled/Sent Message screen if the message is sent to a Group, Contact or manually entered Number. 

  • Version 1.91 added the ability to edit Group member info like name and phone number. 

  • Version 2.1 added a random scheduling option, allowing you to choose a random time to send the message. 

  • Version 2.3 fixed a problem with Samsung phones and long messages > 160 characters. 

  • Version 3 added an "end after" repeat counter for recurrence/repeat option along with a fluid material design to the user interface. 

  • Version 3.1 fixed an issue in Samsung phones where messages sometimes remained "pending".

  • Version 3.3.2 updated many libraries, fixed some app crashes, and added ability to edit recurrences on scheduled SMS messages.

  • Version 3.4.3 replaced MoPub with Google AdMob and improved the file manager to import .csv files.

  • Version 3.4.9 fixed several crashes which stabalized the app.

  • Version 5, we had to remove the recurring/repeat option in order to be added back to the Google Play Store. We are working on resoilving this.


Here is a change log of fixes and updates for the iPhone/IOS version:

  • Version 2.0 on iPhone/IOS has added the .CSV option as well as a $1.99 in-app purchase.

  • Version 2.1 is IOS 7-friendly and for IOS 6.x has a feature that will split messages into groups of 30 as IOS 6.x as well as some providers cap the limit of recipients per one send.

  • Version 2.3.1, released June 27, 2015, added support for 64-bit architecture and IOS 9.

  • Versoin 2.6, released in February 2018, added support for IOS11 and replaced MoPub with Google AdMob.

  • Version 2.6.3, released in April 2019 fixed some bugs with messages not going out after clicking send.

Use Pre-Written Messages or Write and Save Your Own

Schedule texts based on holidays, birthdays, or even to remind a loved one that you are thinking of them. For Android, as of version 1.1, personalized greetings are now available with a [firstname] keyword. Just insert [firstname] any where in the scheduled SMS and it will parse all recipients first name's from the phone's contacts/address book. Since version 1.2, the app integrates sent scheduled texts from the app into Android's built-in Messaging app (so you don't have to leave Android's Messaging to see messages sent by the app) and as of version 1.6 you can optionally click a check box to enable this feature. Version 1.4 has a new look and background. SMS now supports 160 characters. Adding a hard return in a SMS appears that way to the recipient to allow for haiku-style messages a la Charlie Sheen's Twitter. There is also a character count when editing a scheduled message. You can also edit dates and/or times on scheduled text messages. ​

This is a great app for never missing to say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Mother's/Father's Day, Happy Easter, or wish someone an easy fast, other holidays, anniversaries, important meetings, rehearsals or performances, and anything else you can possibly think of like "on my way".


Choose From Contacts in Your Phone or Just Enter Phone Numbers via the Dialpad

You can copy and paste numbers from lists as a list of recipients. Send reminder texts to your teammates, band members or significant other. It's the killer app for club promoters to send show announcements and special offers.

Free for the iPhone and Android.

Future Schedule SMS Text Msg

MassGroupTextScheduler is now supported by banner ads from Google AdMob. And since Apple restricts sending of any texts without first getting an alert, the developers decided to make it ad supported. Here are some geeky explanations. Ads can be turned off with the in-app purchase which also unlocks a unique ability to import and export group members from a CSV file.

Send to one contact, phone number or mass "pre-text" a group that you can customize. Or maybe you are still dating a few people and you'd like to send them a mass text to see who replies, MassGroupTextScheduler is the ultimate time saver. On Android phones, it also bypasses the internal Messaging app's 10 recipient maximum limit.

Recipients see your phone number

No need for a third party or SMS gateway, the recipients don't have to add a new number into their contacts, as the text originates from your phone. If you plan on sending hundreds or more texts, then it's recommended to subscribe to an unlimited SMS/texting plan.

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Pesonlize group texts w/ [firstname]